Section: Mimic Text To Speech (1)
Updated: 2016-08-07
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mimic - a text to speech tool  


mimic [options] text-file [outfile.wav]

mimic -t "Hello there" [wavefile]



Mimic is a command line tool for synthesizing speech from text. If outfile.wav is omitted mimic will output the utterance using the computer sound card.
Mimic is based on flite (http://www.cmuflite.org) and strives to extend functionality and add more languages while keeping the application fast and light.
Mandatory arguments to long options are mandatory for short options too.



-t "Text"
Create speech from Text.
-f textfile
Set input file.
-o wavefile
Set output file.
List included voices
-voice voice
Set mimic to speak with voice, this can either be one of the included voices or a .flitevox-file.
Verbose mode, print extended output.
Loop output endlessly.
List usage.
Read input/file in ssml mode.
Print words to stdout before they are spoken.
Print phoneme segments to stdout before they are spoken.
Print segments and their end-time to stdout before they are spoken.
-pr RelName
Get information for RelName from the utterance and print it to stdout.
-p "Phonemes"
Create speech from the phoneme string Phonemes.
-seti Feature=Int
Set voice feature to integer value.
-setf Feature=Float
Set voice feature to float value.
-sets Feature=String
Set voice feature to string value.
-s, -set Feature=Int
Set voice feature and try to guess the type from the input.