Section: User Commands (1)
Updated: November 2020
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tsspublicname - Runs TPM2 publicname  



Calculates the public name of an entity. There are times that a policy creator has TPM, PEM, or DER format information, but does not have access to a TPM. This utility accepts these inputs and outputs the name in the 'no spaces' format suitable for pasting into a policy. The binary format is used in the regression test

TPM2B_NV_PUBLIC public key file name
TPM2B_PUBLIC public key file name
PEM format public key file name
DER format plaintext key pair file name]
binary format Name file name]
print Name in hexacsii]
-pem and -ider optional arguments
for signing key (default RSASSA scheme)]
rsassa rsapss null
name hash algorithm (sha1, sha256, sha384, sha512) (default sha256)]
scheme hash algorithm (sha1, sha256, sha384, sha512) (default sha256)]
userWithAuth attribute clear (default set)]
signing (default) RSA]
storage (default NULL scheme)]
decryption, (unrestricted, RSA and EC NULL scheme)