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rManaTools::Shared::RunProgram enables to:
run programs in foreground or in background,
to retrieve their stdout or stderr

Most functions exits in a normal form & a rooted one. e.g.:

"run()" & "rooted()"
"get_stdout()" & "rooted_get_stdout()"

Most functions exits in a normal form & one that die. e.g.:

"run()" & "run_or_die()"
"rooted()" & "rooted_or_die()"


Alters defaults timeout (eg for harddrake service)
run_or_die($name, @args)
Runs $name with @args parameterXs. Dies if it exit code is not 0.
rooted_or_die($root, $name, @args)
Similar to run_or_die() but runs in chroot in $root
get_stdout($name, @args)
Similar to run_or_die() but return stdout of program:
a list of lines in list context
a string of concatenated lines in scalar context
get_stdout_raw($options, $name, @args)
Similar to get_stdout() but allow to pass options to raw()
rooted_get_stdout($root, $name, @args)
Similar to get_stdout() but runs in chroot in $root
run($name, @args)
Runs $name with @args parameters.
rooted($root, $name, @args)
Similar to run() but runs in chroot in $root
raw($options, $name, @args)
The function used by all the other, making every combination possible. Runs $name with @args parameters. $options is a hash ref that can contains:
root: $name will be chrooted in $root prior to run
as_user: $name will be run as $ENV{PKEXEC_UID} or with the UID of parent process. Implies setuid
sensitive_arguments: parameters will be hidden in logs (b/c eg there's a password)
detach: $name will be run in the background. Default is foreground
chdir: $name will be run in a different default directory
setuid: contains a getpwnam(3) struct ; $name will be with droped privileges ; make sure environment is set right and keep a copy of the X11 cookie
timeout: execution of $name will be aborted after "timeout" seconds
exitcode: function will return the exit code of the process


"ManaTools::Shared::RunProgram::raw({ root => $::prefix, sensitive_arguments => 1 }, "echo -e $user->{password} | cryptsetup luksFormat $device");"
"ManaTools::Shared::RunProgram::raw({ detach => 1 }, '/etc/rc.d/init.d/dm', '>', '/dev/null', '2>', '/dev/null', 'restart');"
Returns UID of the parent process.


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