Section: Mageia Package Management (3)
Updated: 2017-12-23
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gurpmi - Graphical routines for gurpmi GUI  


"gurpmi" is used by gurpmi* executables to manipulate packages and media on a Mageia Linux distribution.  

The urpm class

Parse command line, puts options in %gurpmi::options and puts bare names (not rpm filenames) in @gurpmi::names
Quits top level gtk+ main loop or, if not such a loop, terminates with 1 as exit code
Quits gtk+ main loop and terminates with 1 as exit code
add_button_box($vbox, @buttons)
Packs the buttons in an horizontal ButtonBox, on edges.
Creates a new Gtk3::Label widget. If messages is too big, it's wrapped in a scrolled window
create_scrolled_window($W, $o_policy, $o_viewport_shadow)
Creates a scrolled window around the $W widget


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Copyright (C) 2011-2017 Mageia

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The urpm class