RPM misc options

Section: Maintenance Commands (8)
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NAME rpm - lesser need options for rpm(8)



--predefine='MACRO EXPR'
Defines MACRO with value EXPR. before loading macro files.


Switching off features

--color [never|auto|always]
Use terminal colors for highlighting error and debug message. Default is turning colors on for ttys only (auto).
--nocontexts Disable the SELinux plugin if available. This stops the plugin from setting SELinux contexts for files and scriptlets.
Do not glob arguments when installing package files.
Don't verify capabilities of files.
--excludeconfigs, --noconfigs
Do not install configuration files.
Don't verify database header(s) when retrieved.



-d, --debug
Print debugging information.
Print dependency loops as warning.
Print debuging information of payload handling code.
Print debug information about files packaged.
Print debug information about file IO.
Print runtime statistics of often used functions.


Obsolete Options

-K, --checksig
See and use rpmkeys(8).
Do not install documentation. Use --excludedocs instead.
Enable obsolete epoch handling used in rpm 3.x time frame.
OBSOLETE! Used to print the packages containing and representing the pgp keys for debugging purposes.



NAME rpm - lesser need options for rpm(8)
Switching off features
Obsolete Options